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Written by Gwenyfar Rohler   
Friday, November 18, 2016 03:18 PM

Wilmington writer and bookstore owner Gwenyfar Rohler brought a friend to the Burgwin-Wright House and wrote about their experience in Encore Magazine (published November 1, 2016).

“Have you guys visited our house before?” our lovely guide inquired. My friend Jef and I were at the Burgwin-Wright House on the corner of Third and Market streets for a quick trip back in time to colonial Wilmington. Jef distractedly nodded “yes” while intently studying a clock. I noted the last time I visited was in elementary school. All I remember was a lady in colonial costume, a dungeon, a tunnel, and General Cornwallis.  It all congealed into the soup of “long ago and far away.”

My recent experience of hauntings by dead presidents (read Live Local, Oct. 4- 26 editions) has me rethinking a lot of what I thought I knew about our country—how politics and history actually function. Is the past ever really the past? How much does it touch and influence the now? With questions brewing in my mind, it was time to make good on one of my resolutions: Visit the Burgwin-Wright House and spend time getting in touch with Wilmington’s roots in the American Revolution. I recruited Jef because he is my history-nut friend, as demonstrated admirably when we took a tangent to discuss General Howe and Admiral Howe (brothers), and the loss of Saratoga.

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