NC Dames Gift Portrait to Craven County PDF Print Email
Written by Ms. Kendall C. Rogers   
Monday, October 23, 2017 08:59 AM

The NC Dames have engaged in many activities to memorialize people that led to the formation of our country. In 1926 the Craven County Committee of the NSCDA-NC gifted a portrait of the Earl of Craven painted by Ruth Huntington Moore to the Craven County Courthouse where it still hangs today.

The portrait is an oil painting that is 46 by 35 inches. The original portrait of the Earl of Craven was painted in 1868 and has resided in London since then. Mrs. Moore painted the reproduction. 

Lord William Craven (1606-1692) was one of the eight original Lord Proprietors of the province of Carolina though he never actually set foot in the New World. Craven county in New Bern, NC is named after him.



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