Cherokee Nation and the U.S. Government PDF Print Email
Written by Ms. Kendall C. Rogers   
Monday, November 13, 2017 09:37 AM

The North Carolina Dames often clipped articles about North Carolina history and kept them in the scrapbook. 

In this article, the author Ben Dixon MacNeill writes about the removal of Cherokee Native Americans from North Carolina.

He writes that the exploitation of these people begins with Hernandez De Soto, a Spanish explorer searching for gold. He then recounts how Andrew Jackson deceived these Native Americans by not honoring treaties and stealing their land.

MacNeill describes the Cherokee as peaceful, agreeable, and simply wanting the treaties to be enforced. Twenty-seven treaties between the Cherokee and the U.S government were broken in 200 years.

The broken treaties resulted in the Cherokee people losing their land and being pushed further west, resulting in the Trail of Tears. 

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