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Thursday, February 21, 2019 03:02 PM



This article, found in the Scrapbooks located in the Nimocks Archives, describes the first time that the North Carolina Society of the Colonial Dames became involved with a Patriotic Service project, a key part of the Society today. 



The article describes not only the project, but the President's resolve to start the project, as well as a description of the ship and its place in the war effort.



At the direction of the organization's first president, Florence Kidder, during the 1898 Spanish American War the NC Dames provided funds furnish the ambulance ship, "Solace."



This project was dear to Mrs. Kidder as exemplified in this quote from her letter, "It matters little whether or not we are in sympathy with this war -- that is not for us to discuss -- we only know that what has come and in its wake suffering, sickness and disaster. Our duty is not only to unearth the history of the past, but as the foremost of patriotic Societies to take our part in the events of today and thus make for ourselves a place in the history of the future."



This letter still exists today,  located in the Nimocks Archives, and a pdf version of it is linked at the end of this page if you are interested in reading it. 



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Click here to read Florence Kidder's Solace letter to the membership.
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