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Written by Allen, Joy   
Friday, June 14, 2019 11:44 AM

2019 Florence Kidder Scholarship Winners

This year, the Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship received a total of 76 applications of which 23 made it to the statewide competition.  This year’s essays were well thought out, educational and delightful to read. It was very difficult to narrow the competition down to a winner and runner-up.  This year´s essay topic was:

North Carolina in the Revolutionary War

Most counties in North Carolina have revolutionary sites or historical highway markers depicting events that date back to revolutionary times.  Please locate a site or marker in or near your county and expound on the event that took place.  Your essay should be about the revolutionary war era, events leading up to it or soon after the war ended.  Why did you pick this particular site or marker? Who were the people involved?  How did the event affect the outcome of the war?  What remains at the site today?   Where is the site/marker located?  If feasible, a picture of the site/marker attached to your essay would be appreciated.

Essay topics included The Battle of Cowan’s Ford, The Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge, The Meeting of the Fourth Provincial Congress of NC at Halifax, the Regulator Movement, The Battle of Ramsour’s Mill, Andrew Jackson and Isaac Hunter’s Tavern among many others.

The scholarship was awarded on the basis of merit of the individual essay (75%), character and grades/academic record (20%), and need (5%).  

Jacelyn Matthias photoThe  $3,000 winner this year is Jacelyn Matthias who wrote about the battle at Moore’s Creek Bridge.  Jacelyn attended Pender High School in Pender County.  Jacelyn wrote a clever first person diary entry as if she were a soldier fighting for the Revolution during the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge located in Pender County.  Jacelyn will attend NC State University and has applied for the prestigious Park Scholarship.  The teacher who recommended Jacelyn wrote, “Jacelyn is one of the best students I have taught…Her character is beyond reproach.”  

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Jonathan Shropshire photoThe second place $1000 award goes to Jonathan Shropshire who wrote a well-researched paper about the Battle of Cowan’s Ford.  His paper made the events that took place during the battle come to life.  Jonathan attended Charlotte Christian School in Mecklenburg County and has an excellent academic record.  He has a long list of activities including Varsity Soccer, the National Honor Society and international mission trips to Ethiopia and Nicaragua.  Jonathan’s counselor wrote, “He is a natural in the classroom…his strength of character will make him a fine representative of your program.”  He  plans to attend North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

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